Cycling Simulation Games

When it comes to a recreation of Cycling, there are a lot of games that do this perfectly. However, it goes not to say that the ones that are available for your PC are limited and this is why you need some that will work well. Cycling is a beloved sport that is enjoyed by a lot of people and as a fan of it, there is no doubt that you want a game that is almost lifelike, to say the least. Therefore, below is just a few cycling PC simulation games that can get you psyched up as you enjoy this beloved sport on screen.


Pro Cycling Manager

This is one of the best PC cycling games that is out there and you will love just having it let alone playing it. It is an incredible piece that has the best graphics and makes you feel like you are actually in the game and not just playing it. It has been hailed by both the critics as well as fans as having interactive features as well as amazing graphics that will blow your mind. It is a highly accurate recreation of the real Tour de France and playing it is just the beginning of how fun it is.


If you are looking for a competitive cycling experience that is unlike any, then this is the game for you. The fact that you can also train with your friends online or alone and your fitness can improve which will help you a lot during the races is amazing. It is an amazing PC game that you will love from the moment that you hit start as the graphics make you fall in love with it even more. It is also interactive as you can connect with a lot of people who you can play together and this makes the experience even better. Just be ready to call your mobile bicycle shop mechanic to stop by and fix your worn out bike. You’ll put in the miles with this one!

Mat Hoffman’s PRO-BMX

The point of this game that has really amazing graphics is to perform some stunts and tricks on a bike. Executions of this tricks that are successful will add to your score. There are a lot of tricks that you can do and the fact that it is incredibly lifelike, it makes it one of the best cycling simulation PC games out there. it has ten levels that are really challenging and will give you as the player the control that you need. It also features game modes like single session, free ride, multiplayer modes as well as park editor and career mode.

Le Tour de France 2016

A complete recreation of the Tour de France, this game is absolutely amazing with incredible graphics that you will love. It is really interactive as well as having graphics that have been hailed by a lot of the critics and this is why it is a top PC game on the market. So if you are looking for a cycling simulation PC game, then this is the best choice that you should go for. These four are some of the best PC games in the wonderful sport of cycling that are there.

Basketball Simulation Games

When it comes to the best of basketball simulation games for PC, a few stand out from the rest. These are the games that you will enjoy playing and the graphics are just incredible, to say the least. These games rival any major game in the industry in terms of graphics and the overall experience of playing them. But what are these top basketball simulation games that you can enjoy on your PC? To answer that question, below are the top five basketball simulation games that you should already have played or have on your PC by now.

Freestyle Street Basketball

One of the best basketball games when it comes to PC games as it allows you as a player to do a lot and there isn’t many limitations to what you can do. It is basically a half court streetball game that is fast paced and just amazing to play. What is there is that players can team up and play against other online players on a half court and the best part about it is that there are a high tempo and freedom of movement with synergy and teamwork being the core values of this game.

NBA 2K14

This game came with a lot of improvements from its predecessor and the fact that it had Lebron James on the cover was something that got a lot of fans excited. With a whole new pack of signature skills that were not there before. Speed, ball handling skills as well as quickness was boosted and this made the game even better for a lot of people. With new training camp modes as wee training drills having their own menu, this game is just the kind that you would love playing as a basketball fan.

NBA Live 08

This also another game that is a must-have if you are looking to have fun with national teams. The fact that there were national teams with the various NBA players like Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Gasol playing for their various national teams made this game truly incredible. This is one of those PC basketball simulation games that you can’t seem to get enough of.

World Basketball Manager

This is one of those strategy games that actually lets you be in control of your own team as a manager and start a career in this. With amazing graphics and interactive features for your PC that rival any on the market, this is a great basketball simulation game. It will allow you to do a lot of stuff and ultimately achieve success as a manager of your team internationally.

Wolverine Studios Basketball Simulation

Become a head coach of your favorite basketball team. Build a coaching profile and work toward the championship game tournament glory. You’re gonna have to hire staff, research players, recruit new talent and coach a winning team. Play this detailed basketball simulation game and learn to recruit the best players.

NBA 2K11

Considered one of the best in sports video games, this game just took the world of video games sports to a whole new level. It is actually the best basketball simulation game of its time with Michael Jordan himself being the cover athlete. With amazing controls and online multiplayer features that are just ahead of their time, this game was a revolutionary piece that was hailed by all the critics. So if you are looking to have some fun with your PC playing simulation basketball then this is the choice that you should go for.

Why I prefer PC gaming

Despite the fact that PlayStation, as well as Xbox, get all the attention from most gamers, I prefer to stick to PC gaming because of some reasons. These rights outweigh those that the traditional gamers are used to, and it is why I will always prefer this. Things like better prices, better graphics as well as having more control over Harare are just among the few reasons I stick to PC gaming. Some of those reasons that I think I will always stick to PC gaming are better illustrated below.

Control over Hardware

The fact that you can always upgrade your hardware on your PC whenever you want to is the very first reason why I love this bit. Because most components in a PC are removable, you are easily able to upgrade without any fears like I always do. Console gamers do not have this option, and they are just stuck with the console that the game came with which can be a drag for most people. What this means is that the moment consoles are released, they are obsolete already as you can’t upgrade them no matter what you do. Therefore, while your console remains as stagnant, I can always upgrade my PC to suit better graphics at any time that I want.

Better graphics

If you are using Xbox One or PlayStation, you will notice that they have much better graphics than their predecessors which are the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. This is because the developers, Sony and Microsoft are using much newer as well as components that are powerful for the new consoles. What this means is that you will be stuck with the same graphics unless you buy another console the moment it comes out, rendering the one you already have as obsolete. In PC gaming, however, this is unheard of as all you have to upgrade the components, and you have better graphics immediately. My PC is cheaper than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 but I have amazing graphics that easily rival that of those two consoles, and I didn’t spend as much when buying it.


While Console game stores like the Xbox Live store offer the game at a much higher price for a game, the same game I can get it for a much lower price on Steam or Origin. This means that I don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun with my gaming. The fact that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are ludicrously expensive, and their successors will be even more expensive; I just need to upgrade my PC components and am good. You don’t have to be a genius to see how affordable this is.

Online gaming

I do have to tell you that I get a better experience with online gaming as I can play with my friends who are on different platforms. This cross-platform games that you can play with your friends are few, but they make PC gaming even cooler. These are just a few of the many reasons that I prefer PC gaming over the console.

If you still don’t believe me, just spend a little time reading to see who else loves PC gaming!